Amazing Sunset makes a Paramotor Moment

I woke up in London and flew home to Charleston.  I had not flown PPG for over 3 months and was dying to get some air time.  After landing at the airport I checked the weather the conditions were perfect.  There was no wind so it would mean a forward launch.  Being primarily a beach flyer, it’s rare the wind is low enough to even practice forwards.  Of course, having not flown in a long time, not having done a forward in even longer time, the fatigue of trans-Atlantic air travel, and the rush of the clock with the impending setting sun, I blew two launches.  Getting frustrated and even more fatigued resetting the wing with a 70lb motor on my back, I figured I had one more shot at getting in the air.  I nailed the third launch and instantly all of my frustrations and fatigue went away.  I had almost forgotten how much freedom and joy flying brought to me.  The beautiful evening and the right state of mind made for an excellent Paramotor Moment.

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